What is known:

-Beach Patrols were located along the coast from Morro Bay to San Diego. Men, dogs and horses made up the patrols that watched the beaches. Patrol Headquarters and substations were located at Morro Bay, San Clemente, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Camp Pendleton, Mission Bay and other locations that have not been positively identified yet.

-Catalina Island served as a training camp for Coast Guardsmen during the war and the Coast Guard had taken over the Peninsula half of the island for this purpose.

-Port security patrols of Picket Boats and other operations were also conducted during this time.

-Other operations surely went on in Southern California that are not in the general Coast Guard History Books.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beach Patrols

On July 25, 1942, Coast Guard Headquarters issued a directive that all naval Districts adjacent to the coast were to organize a beach patrol system in all areas were the terrain would permit.